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GTM Performance Parts

North Racecars offers Performance Parts to make your GTM build that much easier!


AirBox AirBox AirBox

AirBox AirBox

GTM Air Box

In order to decrease IATs, which affect horsepower approximately 1HP/degree above 120F, North Racecars developed a cold air kit. IATs run approximately 10F above ambient. Kit includes items in photograph. Does not include ducts or ducting. Kit will work with all mass air meters, but requires the small filter.

$110 Shipped


GTM Front Splash Panels

New from North Racecars, GTM Front Splash Panels. Kit includes 2 panels and bulb seal. Designed to close off the rear of the front wheel and protect the door and undercarriage from water and debris. Little or no trimming involved.

$75 + $15 Shipping


Harness Bar

No hardware is included with the Harness Bar kits. It is up to the buyer to install safely!

Option 1: $40 Shipped

Harness Bar Kit with two formed brackets and two ovals for the ends. NOTHING ELSE.


Option 2: $195 Shipped

Harness bar welded plain, bar is assembled and requires finishing.


Option 3: $275 Shipped

Harness bar powdercoated black.


If yours fit like this...

Ours are trim to fit, like this.


GTM Headlight Covers (Pair)

If you've been looking for a better fitting headlight cover for your GTM, look no further! Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. They are made to order.

$100 + $20 Shipping