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Other Items

North Racecars also offers these great items to complete your build:



Defrost Plenum

$80 + $10 Shipping

For the Factory Five Mk I, II and III Roadsters

One of the problems with FFR cars and the heater on the passenger side is getting defrost while getting heat to both sides of the passenger compartment. So, if you are tired of all the hoses behind your dash why not run only one hose for your defrost. With this set up run one hose from the defroster to the plenum to get both vents with one hose, then run the other defrost duct to the driver and if the passenger gets cold turn on the heat and have all three. Bond on or use the demist vent screws to hold in place. No holes pre cut, put the tubing where you want it and install one defrost duct. Custom curved to fit the FFR car and fit between the dash and the firewall. Plenum is great for Air Conditioned cars with too much tubing already behind the dash.



Self Canceling Turn Signal Assembly 

$240 + $10 Shipping


For the Factory Five Racing Roadster

Additional parts (not shown) are included along with a relay number to be obtained locally if using high-beam option for contact switch. Contact switch on the end of the stalk normally used as the horn.


Billet Key Switch

$49 + $10 Shipping

1000AMP Hella switch with original keyflag featuring billet cover and billet keyswitch, not the cheap cutoff switch from the autoparts store.


Tunnel Mount E-Brake

$199 + $11 Shipping (With Bezel)

$184 + $11 Shipping (Without Bezel)


New from North Racecars MK II and III tunnel mount E brake featuring the Lokar E-brake handle. Priced at $199 plus shipping (with bezel) and $184 plus shipping (without bezel). Kit includes handle, custom clevis that will not interfere with the frame and mounting hardware. Instructions will be included but not posted.