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Brake FAQs


Who:  We are the recognized leader in 5.0 FX mustang and FFR rear disc brake conversions.  Having provided more rear kits than any one else, we are the oldest company and have the best parts available.  Some of our parts are on their 7th revision. Quality matters for us and should for you, too.  We have patents and have protected them from other ‘new guys’ who have no idea what is involved in doing what it takes to make the best parts in the business.      

What:  We had the simple idea of finding a way to put rear discs on and keep the drum width axles.  Sounds easy but Ford never did it and we know why.  What a pain to do and almost impossible to cast, the tolerances are really tight. 

How:  By precision forming certified steel we relocate the caliper inboard ¾ of an inch, which does not sound like much but in most cases makes the difference in wheels fitting or not fitting. 

Why choose us?  Simple. We know more about rear disc conversions than most anyone.  We started with every disc Ford made from 1976 on and determined what worked and what did not.  Why keep the FX track?  It avoids the need for custom offset wheels.  Most 94 to 04 wheels will fit on an FX Mustang without rubbing.  We have tons of customers with 9 inch rear wheels and some with 10.5s and some with 18X10s 

Here is a short summary of what works and how to choose what is going to work for your application. 

I love my stock wheels and I have 4 lug drums.

Keep your wheels and use our 4 lug brackets to convert the existing housing to discs with 87 or 88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe brakes.  Be careful as there are different rotors available and some will not fit over the axle ends.  Our complete kit is competitively priced when pricing calipers. Please be sure the parts come with the support or pad bracket.  Loaded includes pads, not necessarily the support (saddle, intermediate or pad) bracket. 

I want modern wheels but I also go to the drag strip and run 15 inch wheels with slicks. 

Run our SN95 (GT/V6) brackets.  This allows the use of late model 94 to 04 Mustang rear discs and keeps the drum length axles. 

A few notes.  1. Ranger axles will work but are not hub centric.  Our axles are custom made to be hub centric. 2. If running large wheels on the street (17s or 18s) the smaller 10.6 inch rotor does not look as good as the larger Cobra (11.65) rotor so keep that in mind.  Unless the slicks are on hand, it may be better to run the larger rotor and switch to a drag radial on a larger rim. 

I want big brakes (13s on the front and 12s on the rear). 

I do not want to roll the fender.  

I can get the front from Ford but do not want the goofy offset wheels in the rear.     

By far our most popular conversion is the Cobra rear disc conversion.  It moves the caliper in towards the center of housing and away from center of the hub so any Cobra rotor (11.65 in) from 94 to 04 can be used.  The caliper support brackets should come from Cobra but the caliper is the same GT/V6/Cobra.  Some material may need to be removed from the caliper support bracket to use the stock caliper support brackets.  This set up keeps the drum length axles and installs the large 11.65 inch rotor.  Again Ranger axles will work but the NRC axles will be hub centric, new and are hardened. 

What do I need to complete the install? 

First, remember, nothing is interchangeable:  There is no such thing as 5 lug rotor for a T Bird caliper.  There is no such thing as an 11.65 inch 4 lug rotor.  Please remember this; it is very important NOTHING is interchangeable! 

All of our brackets include the hardware and instructions are available in the links beside each kit.  The parts needed are listed in the instructions.  In short, calipers hoses and rotors are from the car whose brakes we are duplicating.   The 4 lug will be 87 Thunderbird.  The 5 lug conversions will be 94 GT Mustang or 94 Mustang Cobra.  It is really that simple.  The soft lines etc should come from 94 GT the calipers are 94 to 04. 

All other tech questions should be done via email or by phone.