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Roadster/Coupe Air Conditioning

This complete air conditioning plus heater system includes: Compressor w/mount, condenser, drier, (AC) evaporator/heater combination, precut plenum to mount unit to frame/firewall, hoses for the AC (part numbers for the heater hoses depending on EFI or Carb), dash vents and instructions.

This is a heat and air unit but due to the compact size it does not operate as a new car unit would. Extra diverters will be needed for defrost and if heat is to be sent to the footbox. The four ports of the unit can be run any way you want once installed. For example, one to the defrost with a control for on and off, split one to the feet, and the other two to the dash. The plenum holding the unit is angled to allow more supply air to get to the unit.

Note: The dash brace may need to be partially or completely removed, depending on the frame, in order to install the AC unit.

Coupe Note: The plenum is not required, and does not ship with the Coupe A/C package. Instructions are included on how to modify the firewall.

Roadster Package $999 + $50 Shipping

Coupe Package $799 + $50 Shipping

Patent Information: Parts shown are protected under United States patent laws. North Racecars will defend its ownership of all designs and any attempt to duplicate or otherwise copy designs will be pursued to the fullest. (This includes changing shape or materials.)

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Roadster A/C
Coupe A/C